The owner of Blue Line Dog Training, Charmaine Anthony, is a certified dog trainer with years of experience. Her philosophy is founded in positive reinforcement and strengthened by her commitment to continuing education in her field. With gentle guidance combined with the rewarding of desirable behaviors, you will see a difference in your dog’s daily life.

  • Have you recently added a puppy or adopted dog into your family?
  • Are you concerned about your dog’s interactions with other animals or people?
  • Does your dog pull on the leash?
  • Does your dog simply need a refresher course?

From basic training to complicated behavioral issues, Blue Line Dog Training has the expertise to address them. Charmaine will coach you on how to properly engage your dog to create long lasting benefits.

Contact Blue Line Dog Training today to improve your relationship with your dog:

Charmaine Anthony, CPDT-KA, CBATI, KPA-CTP

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Behavior Adjustment Training Instructor, Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner


Blue Line Dog Training serves Chicagoland and the Western suburbs area.