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Don’t just take it from us, hear what our happy clients have to say:

We adopted a rescued, 2 year old male German Shepherd and thankfully Charmaine rescued us. Tanner is strong, athletic, bursting with energy and fearful. Charmaine taught us how to keep Tanner out of situations that he can’t handle. At the same time Charmaine worked with us to gradually and safely help Tanner be less fearful. Tanner is still “complicated” but with Charmaine’s guidance we’ve come a long way.

– Kathy Keller & Dennis Reynolds with Tanner

We rescued a Chihuahua, Roger, who was about 8 years old. He behaved well when it was just my husband and me, but when people came over, he would bark non stop. The animal shelter that we got him from recommended Charmaine. She came over and taught us so much about how to read Roger’s body language. Charmaine helped us understand how Roger was feeling and what would make him feel more comfortable. She was very generous with her time both in emails and on the phone between visits, which was invaluable to me. She gave us very specific advice on how to work with Roger, and a month later, he was a much happier dog. We are still working with him on various behaviors. We are also “clicker training” him and so far he can sit and “dance” on cue. My husband and I and Roger are all much happier because Charmaine came into our lives.

– Marsha Kozak

Charmaine is the best! I adopted a 5 year old beagle from PAWS. We all needed a lot of help. Charmaine is very patient and knowledgable. She is the master of the clicker. She shares all sorts of information. Charmaine has made herself very able to us and follows up after every visit with an informative email.
Our dog has made wonderful progress in the three months we have worked with her.
We are all very pleased to have found Charmaine.

– A very happy client
Nora Fitzgerald with Ruby

I consulted Charmaine Anthony and Blue Line Dog Training when I was considering adopting a dog from a shelter.  Charmaine came with me to the shelter, conducted a behavior analysis, and helped me choose Reba.  Charmaine continues to be a huge help in training and acclimating Reba to her new home, and I would recommend Charmaine’s services to any other dog-owner.

– Melissa Hinds

I have worked with Charmaine in training my two dogs.  I find that she is patient, extremely knowledgeable about dog behaviors, and the methods to help resolve issues.  She is creative with solutions, and flexible and understanding of different opinions.  I have an extremely anxious and fearful dog, and we are seeing improvements as we continue with what Charmaine has showed us.  I would recommend her as a trainer for any situations, and any dog.

– Joan Berger with Daisy & Dude

Charmaine is an amazing trainer!  As a first time dog owner I knew very little about how to take care of a dog.  After I rescued my dog Hudson he was diagnosed with a serious case of separation anxiety. My veterinarian recommended Charmaine and thank goodness she did. Charmaine was professional and caring and steered me in the right direction to help my dog.  She made a customized training program for my dog and always backed up her methods with scientific evidence.  She was always on time and was very flexible with my odd schedule as an emergency physician. She also sent me a synopsis of every training session.  I had a great experience with Charmaine and would recommend her to anyone in need of the highest quality professional trainer.

– Jon Garlovsky D.O.

Charmaine is amazing. She achieves instantaneous results that give you the confidence that larger, more challenging results will be achieved as well. There is no doubt that she’s passionate about what she does, is completely educated in this field while always seeking new knowledge, and 100% cares about your dog as if it were her own. Her rates are very reasonable and include not only her in-home visits, but full phone and email support as well. After every session, she sends a detailed follow-up email to ensure you don’t forget a thing you learned, and don’t be surprised if she calls you to check up on you and your dog too. We are so glad we found Charmaine and would 100% recommend her.

– Matt & Samantha Levy with Chloe

We originally contacted Charmaine to help our new dog Lizzie with meeting other dogs.  We noticed she seemed a bit anxious and would sometimes bark at other dogs.  From the very first appointment Charmaine has helped us to understand Lizzie’s body language.  She has given us training exercises and ways to avoid putting Lizzie in stressful situations.  Lizzie is doing amazing on her clicker training and it is awesome to see the progress she has made in such a short time.  Charmaine has helped us to have a common language with our sweet dog.  I have already noticed she is much more attentive and responsive to me when we are out on walks and she has learned verbal and hand cues with her clicker training.  Most importantly, Charmaine loves dogs.  No matter what, she has their best interest at heart and I couldn’t ask for something more in a trainer.  The combination of her love for dogs and her skills and experience at training make her one of a kind!

– Kate Anderson with Lizzie

Charmaine has been an incredible training partner for our family since we adopted our yellow lab almost two years ago.  She’s worked with us tirelessly on everything from puppy nipping to greeting, walking on lead, and anxiety issues, all of which we wouldn’t have been able to resolve without her hard work and expertise.  She makes sure to really understand what’s causing the issues instead of just applying cookie-cutter solutions, which I believe is why we’ve seen such a positive change in our dog.  We’ve attended lots of group training classes in the past, and nothing comes close to the progress we’ve made since seeing Charmaine.  Her dedication and genuine love for dogs is simply amazing, and we could not recommend her more.

– Jessica Richmond with Maisy